Constellations Knowledge Cards

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So much astronomy on these little cards!

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People have been inventing constellations – imaginary shapes made by mentally connecting the astral dots – for at least 6,000 years. Constellations are celestial landmarks that provide mnemonic assistance to astronomers, farmers, and sailors, and quiet pleasure to the rest of us.

This deck of 48 cards presents a concise but highly informative look at 47 star groups. Each card has a chart of a constellation on the front; its position and area, brightest star and number of visible constituent stars, and zodiac sign appear on the back, with notes about the constellation’s origin and history. (For example, what the Greeks saw as Cancer, the crab, was Scarabaeus – the beetle – to the Egyptians.) The forty-eighth card has a glossary of astronomical terms on the front and general information about the heavens on the back. These cards are a great way to learn to navigate the night sky. Present individual cards to students as a reward for good work. Approximately 3.25″ x 4″ (~8.25 cm x 10 cm)

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