MudWatt Classroom Pack

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Microbiology, chemistry, and electrical engineering in one kit!

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Our MudWatt products are fun and educational science kits that use the natural micro-organisms found in soil to generate electricity. Microbiology, chemistry, and electrical engineering all in one versatile STEM-based kit!

Although we cannot see them with the naked eye, micro-organisms are all around us. One particular species of microbes possesses the unique ability to release electrons outside their bodies as part of their natural respiration. Each of our MudWatt kits utilizes this remarkable ability by providing mud-based microbes with two conductive graphite discs – the anode and cathode. The anode is placed within the mud where the electrogenic microbes can grow, and the cathode is placed on top, exposing it to oxygen in the air.

All MudWatt kits come with everything you need, except soil. So dig in and get revved up! You’ll know your bacteria is generating power when you see the LED light blinking. Free lessons and interactive MudWatt Explorer app available online.

The MudWatt Classroom Pack includes 10 MudWatt Anodes, 10 MudWatt Cathodes, 10 MudWatt Blinker Boards, 3 MudWatt Hacker Packs (Blinker + Clock Circuits + Buzzer), 3 MudWatt Maxtracker, 6 Alligator Clips (for connecting MudWatts together), MudWatt Explorer App (available on iTunes and Google Play), and free access to the MudWatt NGSS Teacher’s Guide and other Educational Resources. You provide 10 vessels (Tupperware, Mason jars, tennis ball containers, and planters are all great options), and soil.

Common to all MudWatt Kits: The MudWatt is a fun and educational science kit that uses the natural micro-organisms found within dirt to generate electricity! MudWatts are reusable and can last for years!

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