Starter Geode Kit

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Crack open these real geodes and discover the amazing crystal treasure inside!

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Crack open these real geodes and discover the amazing crystal treasure inside! This starter science kit includes four real geodes from two different mines so that you can discover a variety of crystal formations inside. This hands-on kit includes premium geodes that are guaranteed to have incredible crystals inside! Also included are safety goggles, a geode display stand, and a high quality information guide which will teach your young scientist all about geodes, and will allow them to identify the crystal formations inside. Plus there’s an activity booklet with 10 additional puzzles, games and challenges. Science doesn’t get any cooler than this! Winner of multiple awards for exceptional geode quality, educational materials, and play value! Great for a geology-themed party game!

  • This Starter Geode Kit features four real geodes and safety goggles.
  • Kit contains two different types of geodes so that you can compare different crystal formations.
  • Full-color adventure guide explains all about how geodes were formed and lets you identify the crystals inside.
  • Winner of multiple awards for the quality of the geodes inside this kit.
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning.

AWARDS WON: Creative Child – Kids Product of the Year 2014, Academics’ Choice – Brain Toy Award 2013, Fat Brain Toys Award Winner! – Fat Brain Toys 2012, Seal of Distinction – Dr Toy 2012, Product of the Year – Creative Child Magazine 2011 and Product of the Year – Museum Tour Catalog 2011.

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