The Ferrofluidic Adventure Science Kit

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Demonstrate magnetic fields in an incredible way!

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Demonstrate magnetic fields in an incredible way! The Ferrofluidic Adventure Science Kit contains everything necessary (including magnets and a 17-page instruction booklet) to conduct fascinating experiments with Ferrofluid – the only known ferrous liquid. We’re sure this kit will totally amaze you and your students. If you are teaching magnets or working with magnetic fields then this kit will integrate perfectly into your lesson and make a super demonstration or hands-on activity. Please note that while the activities and demonstrations described in the instruction booklet are interesting to students of all ages, Ferrofluid can be quite messy if handled recklessly. Therefore, we recommend this kit for hands-on use with students in middle school and older. The kit can be used wonderfully as a demonstration for younger students.

The kit includes a small glass Ferrofluid Display Cell, a 50cc bottle of EFH1 Ferrofluid, several magnets, gloves, a plastic syringe, pipettes, aluminum tins, and an easy to follow instruction booklet with detailed experiments and practical applications of Ferrofluid based technology.

Notice: While Ferrofluid is amazing, it is also very messy stuff. Rubber gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing should be used. Close adult supervision required.

The Ferrofluid in the display cells is not the same as the Ferrofluid in this kit. This Ferrofluid cannot be used to make a display cell.

Our Ferrofluids are intended for educational and demonstration purposes only. They are not designed for use in loudspeakers or any other device. Sorry, we do not carry any Ferrofluids designed for such purposes.

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